A Leader In Dermatologic Care

A Leader In Dermatologic Care
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Unique “PlasmaFacial” treatment programme:
  • Perfect for improving skin tone, texture, fine lines and pigmentary changes
  • Pain-free and requires no downtime
  • 10 minute treatment time
  • Multiple treatments at 3 week intervals
  • After treatment, clients feel heat or warmth to the skin indicating
  • Healing and remodeling are taking place.
  • There is an increased permeability of the skin barrier after treatment
  • Allowing increased absorption of topical preparations through the skin.

“I believe by doing multiple treatments at a lower energy, you’re able to tweak the body’s healing
powers without causing a lot of damage. I also think you achieve better results in the long run, as
well as fewer side effects. My patients were extremely pleased with the results and I could
immediately see the effects.”
Eric Bernstein MD, Clinical Associate Professor,
Department of Dermatology, University of Pennsylvania, Ardmore, PA